6 Women-Led Ed-Tech Startups You Should Know

When it comes to entrepreneurship, in the tech world women cover as much ground as their male counterparts. Armed with fresh and innovative ideas and the will to work hard, women create many successful startups in the ed-tech field.

Following up with all of them might be a struggle, as more and more women-led companies emerge on a monthly basis. If you wish to learn about a few, here are some important women-led ed-tech startups you should know about.

1. Black Girls CODE, Founded by Kimberly Bryant

This startup was created with one goal in mind, and that is increasing the number of women of color in the digital space. Girls of color from ages 7 to 17 can be taught how to use computer science and technology to their advantage. Providing the African-American youth with such an opportunity is crucial in order to incorporate as many women of color as possible in this market.

2. Coursera, Co-founded by Daphne Koller

Coursera is a great online platform that provides learning opportunities for people of all ages. You can learn anything from Python, acquire Graphic Design skills, or learn anything that can provide you with opportunities for a new career. Most importantly, Coursera has the opportunity to provide you with a certificate or degree, thus verifying all the hard work you put into learning.

3. Kickboard, Co-founded by Alex Meis and Miriam Altman

This great platform allows for the educational staff to make a smoother transition to online learning. Kickboard focuses greatly on the behavioral management of the students and provides the teachers with the necessary tools for successful distance learning. The learning guides also provide assistance to onsite learning for any teachers that require it.

4. Lynda, Founded by Lynda Weinmann

This ed-tech company provides thousands of courses in the fields of photography, web and software development, business, and design. By providing a free month trial to all new users, Lynda helps provide a professional learning experience. Kristin Savage, a content writer for Subjecto, said that “Lynda is an amazing platform providing people of all ages with the opportunity to master new skills for a more fruitful future.”

5. O.School, Co-founded by Andrea Barrica

O school was created in order to motivate people to build sexual confidence and learn more about their bodies and sexuality. Through the use of educational videos, articles, and live streams that are always medically accurate, they hope to educate people on this serious topic. By providing a shame-free environment, this ed-tech business hopes to spread the word about sex education to as many people as possible.

6. Practice, Co-founded by Emily Foote

Last but not least, Practice is a women-founded business that operates as a software development company. By providing its users with a video learning platform, it targets different institutions, companies, and various healthcare providers. It also promotes continuous learning for not only students but also many employees through video assessments, timely feedback, and other learning options.

Supporting female leaders and their visions

All of these startups show a very similar and real thing, and that is the strong presence of women in this field. While in the past ed-tech startups might have primarily been an interest of men, more and more women gain ground in this field. This is greatly attributed to the hard work female entrepreneurs have put into making this field more friendly and inclusive towards women.

Even if you are not able to use the services these startups provide, spreading the message about them is very important. Sharing their stories and successes on social media will help even more women to become involved. This is important for both the educational possibilities these startups provide for young women and the role of their presence in such a field.

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