When it comes to entrepreneurship, in the tech world women cover as much ground as their male counterparts. Armed with fresh and innovative ideas and the will to work hard, women create many successful startups in the ed-tech field.

Following up with all of them might be a struggle, as more and more women-led companies emerge on a monthly basis. If you wish to learn about a few, here are some important women-led ed-tech startups you should know about.

1. Black Girls CODE, Founded by Kimberly Bryant

This startup was created with one goal in mind, and that is increasing…

Business realities are undergoing tremendous changes lately. The way we approach business processes is way different from how we used to do it back in, let’s say, 5 years. Globalization is changing the market and makes it a bit more challenging for companies to stay relevant. However, at the same time, it is opening new opportunities, such as outsourcing, that allow those companies to stay not only competitive but also significantly reduce their expenses and improve their overall performance.

Virtual Teams: A New Solution?

One of the biggest challenges companies are facing these days is how to stay relevant without investing too much financial capital…

Does your project need a business plan? You can answer this question only if you know well what this tool is and why it is essential. Let’s figure it out.

Why Do You Need It?

A business plan is an individual document that describes all the fundamental aspects of the future enterprise, analyzes all the issues you may encounter, and also determines how to solve them. Therefore, a correctly drawn up business plan ultimately answers two questions: Is it worth investing money in this business? Will it bring income that will cover all the costs of workforce and resources?

A well-developed plan allows you to…

Try to “unite with nature” regularly

Time spent in nature may turn out to be what the doctor prescribed and in addition to increasing the indicators of the duration of concentration of attention and ability to focus.

According to research, the contemplation of nature, including diverse vegetation, can benefit the process of development of the children’s brain.

It turned out that children aged 4–5 to 7 years old, who grew up in more “green” areas, showed better results in tests for the level of attention. …

Why immersing employees and customers into your corporate culture is an excellent way to build brand loyalty.

First published at https://www.get5.io/blog/company-culture-marketing-tool

There are things that even the most experienced marketers tend to forget. One of them is that the times are changing, thus making a society way more transparent than it was even ten years ago.

These days you can’t afford to distinguish corporate culture from the overall brand’s image. Not when everyone has a powerful computer in their pocket and lots of tools to spread the news in a blink of an eye.

It might seem to be very convenient to force your employees to sit in dull cubicles and work motionlessly, without taking the eyes…

Instagram is just an ideal platform for the development and popularization of your own brand. The speed and convenience of communication with subscribers, video opportunities, and hashtag promotion multiplied by the wild popularity of Instagram make it such a wonderful place. If earlier it was fashionable to post photos of cats and food, today it is fashionable to develop a personal brand. In this article, we will tell you where to start developing your strategy for promoting a personal brand on Instagram.

Answer the Question Who Are You (Or Who Do You Want to Become)?

It is impossible to develop a personal brand if you yourself do not understand who you are. If…

Contrary to popular belief, a freelancer is far from a free bird. A freelancer is not only a specialist in a particular industry who has chosen the opportunity to work with many companies instead of taking a chair in the office of only one of them. Freelancer is also an entrepreneur, accountant, PR manager and marketer in one person.

In this article, we will talk about the work of a freelancer as own personal marketer and list the five main ways to show yourself in the market.

Job Portals

Do not think that if you decide to choose a freelancer path, you…

Great Link Building Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Link building is the creation of links to your site on external resources. Such links increase the confidence of search engines in your project, which means its place in the search results. The correct keyword in the search conditions can affect the difference in traffic and the level of ranking.

Expert Link Building Tips That Will Help Beginner Bloggers

Link building is a process of link promotion, the accumulation of many external links to promote a web resource. However, it should be borne in mind that link building is not just a reference mass building. Buying external links on exchanges…

If you want to create a successful business, you have to have professionals around you. When you have to spread information about your product, it should be quality and unique. Today, we are going to review the simple steps on how to write SEO friendly content.

The article is still relevant for most technical tasks. However, a lot has changed since 2011. Therefore, today, we will not analyze how to understand the classic technical task of an SEO specialist, the terms “direct entry,” “passage,” and the like. …

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